How many silver are left in the world?

The United States Geological Survey estimates that there are still a total of 530,000 metric tons of silver underground ready to be mined. The industry's most reliable estimates seem to agree that there are about 3 billion ounces of silver, which can be used to calculate the current Gold and Silver Prices. Given the accessible industry data, it can be presumed that there are between 3 and 3.5 billion ounces of silver, approximately ½ troy ounce per living human being. If you wonder how much gold is left in the world to extract, it is estimated that there are still approximately 54,000 tons of gold ore underground. Silver and gold ore freshly extracted from silver and gold mines or deposits are further refined to obtain industrial goods, jewelry, silverware and ingot products suitable for investment (gold ingots, gold coins and privately minted cartridges).

Much can also be deduced from the historical data of gold mining companies and from the standard percentages of physical production of silver and gold (industrial versus the most recent) of silver. The most recent discoveries of silver have been associated with gold deposits; however, copper and lead and zinc deposits containing silver as a by-product will continue to represent an important part of reserves and resources in the future. The combination of geological data, aggregated mining and verifiable historical records from the World Gold Council shows that around 190,000 metric tons of gold and about 1.6 million tons of silver have been physically extracted throughout the history of the Earth's crust.