What metal sells for the most?

Palladium is the most expensive of the four major precious metals: gold, silver and platinum are the others. It is rarer than platinum and is used in large quantities for catalytic converters. Copper is where the most valuable metal in your home is found. Scrappers love this metal because of its versatility and high volume of use.

That said, keep in mind the fact that the copper scrap you sell will vary in price depending on the quality of the copper you bring to the scrap yard. Copper is the metal that will allow you to get the most out of your investment. Just place the bin in front of your house, throw away the junk and wait for the truck to pick it up and take it to the junkyard. My husband and I recently learned about recycling scrap metal and we want to try to make money by selling something.

When most people imagine expensive metals, they immediately think of gold wedding rings and silver hoop earrings. Copper has an attractive bronze sheen that makes it an excellent metal for making crafts in pots and pans, picture frames and garden decorations. Call the different junkyards in your area and see who offers the best price for the scrap you have. Scrappers love taking aluminum to the metal recycling bin because it's so easy to find; and since this metal doesn't rust, they can get the full price per pound of scrap.